More Energy, More Power

AWAKEN is a 7 Day Course that includes:

  • 7 Qi Gong Training Sessions

  • Light Language Activations

  • Inner Journey Meditations

  • Mini Masterclasses

  • 1 on 1 Integration Call

  • Online Private Group Community

  • BONUS Live Qi Gong Trainings

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Add 45 min. Galactic Reading!

It's all written in the stars... your reading looks at the celestial bodies and placements of fixed stars in your chart from beyond just our solar system. More importantly, an initial reading looks at what energies are most present right now in your soul evolution path and how they relate to your higher purpose and cosmic self. Whether you already connect to be being a starseed or not, a galactic astrology reading takes a much wider view of knowing all we BE.

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